Develop Strategic Partnerships

Red Scope is an Engineering and Consulting Company that offers tailored made bespoke and or one-stop solutions to clients across all Sectors in South Africa.
The Company has its Head office located in Johannesburg South Africa and has an office in Mozambique.
The company is backed by a reputable and reliable global partner providing quality steel and pre fabricated products and engineering services.

At Red Scope, we believe that we can have a Global impact through being innovative, solution driven and not comprising on service delivery. Experienced Consulting, Engineering and Innovation within quality Service Delivery.

We tailor this service to your business, your goals and your budget

Stability, geographic reach, depth of knowledge and experience Redscope can effectively, efficiently and constructively manage your project, allowing customers, Equipment Manufacturers and Operators to focus on their core business.

We provide you with the appropriate package of your choice.

Engineering Consulting

Our Partenerships

Together with our partner we deliver sustainable; energy efficiency products using 4IR technology as an enabler.
We also work with renowned and strategic partners in other areas of the business e.g. Infrastructure, Refurbishment of Buildings and Civil Works.

The vision of the business is to build part of the economic and infrastructure development of the country and continent.



Structural steel fabrication quality control

Steel Engineering

100% testing dimension tolerance <1mm 20% sample welding line ultrasonic testing, no fault, full penetration. 20% magnetic powder testing, no bubble, no defect, Smooth and Full Supply third-party inspection assistance.

Shot blasting and painting quality control


Shot blasting grade Sa. 2.5 Metal luster, no rust, no oil dirt, no welding spatter, Roughness >75um; Paint primer within 5 hours after shot blasting, Holiday-free coatings, smooth, No dust, Dry Film Thickness (DFT) >75UM

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